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Remington, B.C. (author), Baumert, J. (author), Blom, W.M. (author), Bucchini, L. (author), Buck, N. (author), Crevel, R. (author), de Mooij, F. (author), Flanagan, S. (author), Hindley, J. (author), Javed, B. (author), Stavropoulou, D.A. (author), van den Dungen, M.W. (author), van Ravenhorst, M. (author), Wang, S. (author), Walker, M. (author)
Quantitative risk assessment (QRA) for allergens exists in many different forms with different requirements placed on the risk assessor depending on the question that needs to be answered. An electronic workshop held in October 2020 and comprising representatives from a wide range of food allergy and allergen stakeholder groups identified that a...
article 2022
Patel, N. (author), Adelman, D.C. (author), Anagnostou, K. (author), Baumert, J.L. (author), Blom, W.M. (author), Campbell, D.E. (author), Chinthrajah, R.S. (author), Mills, E.N.C. (author), Javed, B. (author), Purington, N. (author), Remington, B.C. (author), Sampson, H.A. (author), Smith, A.D. (author), Yarham, R.A.R. (author), Turner, P.J. (author)
Background Eliciting doses (EDs) (eg, ED01 or ED05 values, which are the amounts of allergen expected to cause objective symptoms in 1% and 5% of the population with an allergy, respectively) are increasingly being used to inform allergen labeling and clinical management. These values are generated from food challenge, but the frequency of...
article 2021