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Willson, M.L. (author), Vernooij, R.W.M. (author), Gagliardi, A.R. (author), Armstrong, M. (author), Bernhardsson, S. (author), Brouwers, M. (author), Bussières, A. (author), Fleuren, M.A.H. (author), Gali, K. (author), Huckson, S. (author), Jones, S. (author), Lewis, S.Z. (author), James, R. (author), Marshall, C. (author), Mazza, D. (author)
Objective This study described the number and characteristics of questionnaires used to assess barriers of guideline use among physicians. Study Design and Setting A scoping review was conducted. MEDLINE and EMBASE were searched from 2005 to June 2016. English-language studies that administered a questionnaire to assess barriers of guideline use...
article 2017
Vernooij, R.W.M. (author), Willson, M. (author), Gagliardi, A.R. (author), Armstrong, M. (author), Brouwers, M. (author), Bussières, A. (author), Fleuren, M. (author), Gali, K. (author), Huckson, S. (author), Jones, S. (author), Lewis, S.Z. (author), James, R. (author), Marshall, C. (author), Mazza, D. (author)
Background: Self-management is an important component of care for patients or consumers (henceforth termed patients) with chronic conditions. Research shows that patients view guidelines as potential sources of self-management support. However, few guidelines provide such support. The primary purpose of this study was to characterize effective...
article 2016
Wallmann, K. (author), Haeckel, M. (author), Linke, P. (author), Haffert, L. (author), Schmidt, M. (author), Buenz, S. (author), James, R. (author), Hauton, C. (author), Tsimplis, M. (author), Widdicombe, S. (author), Blackford, J. (author), Queiros, A.M. (author), Connelly, D. (author), Lichtschlag, A. (author), Dewar, M. (author), Chen, B. (author), Baumberger, T. (author), Beaubin, S. (author), Vercelli, S. (author), Proells, A. (author), Wildenborg, A.F.B. (author), Mikunda, T. (author), Nepveu, M. (author), Maynard, C. (author), Finnerty, S. (author), Flach, T. (author), Ahmed, N. (author), Ulfsnes, A. (author), Brooks, L. (author), Moskeland, T. (author), Purcll, M. (author)
Carbon dioxide (CO2) separated from natural gas has been stored successfully below the seabed off Norway for almost two decades. Based on these experiences several demonstration projects supported by the EU and its member states are now setting out to store CO2 captured at power plants in offshore geological formations. The ECO2 project was...
report 2015