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Huijgen, W.J.J. (author), Smit, A.T. (author), Op de Beeck, B. (author), Jacobs, P.A. (author), Sels, B.F. (author), Ennaert, T. (author), Vanneste, J. (author), Vanhulsel, A. (author)
Reductive hydrolysis of cellulose to hexitols is a promising technology to valorize cellulose streams. Several catalytic systems have been reported to successfully process commercially available purified cellulose powders according to this technology. Ruthenium-loaded USY zeolites in the presence of minute amounts of HCl previously showed very...
article 2015
TNO Fysisch en Elektronisch Laboratorium (author), Jacobs, P.A. (author)
The detectability of a target in the infrared spectral region is determined by differences between the radiative signatures of the target and the local background. This implies that both, the difference in surface temperature and emissivity ΔT resp. Δε and the distribution of these differences over the target area and the background, are of...
conference paper 1995