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Islam, M.F. (author), Schot, P.P. (author), Dekker, S.C. (author), Griffioen, J. (author), Middelkoop, H. (author)
The Ganges–Brahmaputra–Meghna delta in Bangladesh is one of the largest and most densely popu lated deltas in the world and is threatened by relative sea level rise (RSLR). Renewed sediment deposition through tidal river management (TRM), a controlled flooding with dike breach, inside the lowest parts of the delta polders (so called beels) can...
article 2022
Islam, M.F. (author), Middelkoop, H. (author), Schot, P.P. (author), Dekker, S.C. (author), Griffioen, J. (author)
article 2020