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Colaianna, M. (author), Ilmjärv, S. (author), Peterson, H. (author), Ilse Kern, I. (author), Julien, S. (author), Baquié, M. (author), allocca, G. (author), Bosgra, S. (author), Sachinidis, A. (author), Hengstler, J.G. (author), Leist, M. (author), Krause, K.H. (author)
Identification of neurotoxic drugs and environmental chemicals is an important challenge. However, only few tools to address this topic are available. The aim of this study was to develop a neurotoxicity/developmental neurotoxicity (DNT) test system, using the pluripotent mouse embryonic stem cell line CGR8 (ESCs). The test system uses ESCs at...
article 2017