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Buist, H.E. (author), Hischier, R. (author), Westerhout, J. (author), Brouwer, D.H. (author)
In this paper, we discuss the derivation of respiratory health effect factors (HEFs) for use in Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA) for five nanoparticles: nanosilver, nano TiO2, carbon black, high-aspect ratio, rigid MWCNT and flexible MWCNT. For this purpose, we applied the methodology of USEtox™, a consensus model to calculate human toxicity...
article 2017
van Harmelen, T. (author), Zondervan-van den Beuken, E.K. (author), Brouwer, D.H. (author), Kuijpers, E. (author), Fransman, W. (author), Buist, H.B. (author), Ligthart, T.N. (author), Hincapié, I. (author), Hischier, R. (author), Linkov, I. (author), Nowack, B. (author), Studer, J. (author), Hilty, L. (author), Som, C. (author)
The fast penetration of nanoproducts on the market under conditions of significant uncertainty of their environmental properties and risks to humans creates a need for companies to assess sustainability of their products. Evaluation of the potential benefits and risks to build a coherent story for communication with clients, authorities,...
article 2016