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Fredriks, A.M. (author), van Buuren, S. (author), Hira Sing, R.A. (author), Wit, J.M. (author), Verloove-Vanhorick, S.P. (author)
Aim: Prevalences of overweight in The Netherlands, defined by international cut-off points, are presented in 14 500 children of Dutch origin, 2904 of Turkish and 2855 of Moroccan origin, aged 0-21 y. Results: The mean prevalence for Turkish boys and girls was 23.4% and 30.2%, for Moroccans 15.8% and 24.5%, for Dutch youths in large cities 12.6%...
article 2005
Reijneveld, S.A. (author), van der Wal, M.F. (author), Brugman, E. (author), Hira Sing, R.A. (author), Verloove-Vanhorick, S.P. (author)
Objective. To estimate the prevalence of parental actions to stop infant crying that may threaten infant health, and to determine specific risk groups regarding these actions. Design. Descriptive. Method. Before their visit to a well-baby clinic in the Netherlands, parents of 3345 infants aged 1-6 months (96.5% response) filled out an anonymous...
article 2004
Crone, M.R. (author), Reijneveld, S.A. (author), Willemsen, M.C. (author), van Leerdam, F.J.M. (author), Spruijt, R.D. (author), Hira Sing, R.A. (author)
Objective: To assess the effect of an antismoking intervention focusing on adolescents in lower education. Students with lower education smoke more often and perceive more positive norms, and social pressure to smoke, than higher educated students. An intervention based on peer group pressure and social influence may therefore be useful to...
article 2003