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Mutlu, E. (author), Warren, S.H. (author), Ebersviller, S.M. (author), Kooter, I.M. (author), Schmid, J.E. (author), Dye, J.A. (author), Linak, W.P. (author), Gilmour, M.I. (author), Jetter, J.J. (author), Higuchi, M. (author), DeMarini, D.M. (author)
Background: Emissions from solid fuels used for cooking cause ~4 million premature deaths
article 2016
Mutlu, E. (author), Nash, D.G. (author), King, C. (author), Krantz, T.Q. (author), Preston, W.T. (author), Kooter, I.M. (author), Higuchi, M. (author), DeMarini, D. (author), Linak, W.P. (author), Ian Gilmour, M. (author)
Biodiesel made from the transesterification of plant- and animal-derived oils is an important alternative fuel source for diesel engines. Although numerous studies have reported health effects associated with petroleum diesel emissions, information on biodiesel emissions are more limited. To this end, a program at the U.S. EPA assessed health...
article 2015