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TNO Arbeid (author), Zwetsloot, G. (author), Starren, A. (author), Schenk, C. (author), Heuverswyn, K. (author), Kauppinnen, K. (author), Lindstrom, K. (author), Kuhn, K. (author), Zwink, E. (author), Lentisco, F. (author), Vaselli, D. (author), Pujol, L. (author), Bestraten, M. (author), Shearn, P. (author), Kenny, L. (author), Goudswaard, A. (author), van de Bovenkamp, M. (author)
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) was defined by the European Commission as a concept whereby companies integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their interaction with their stakeholders on a voluntary basis. To be socially responsible means going beyond fulfilling the legal expectations, by also...
book 2004
op de Beeck, R. (author), van Heuverswyn, K. (author), Lemkowitz, S. (author), Saari, J. (author), Sundström-Frisk, C. (author), Zwetsloot, G. (author)
Changes in the world of work can give rise to new risk areas or they can change the way that occupational safety and health needs to be managed. This has implications for workplaces themselves and also for the occupational safety and health system. For this reason the 'changing world of work' has been a priority topic for the Agency. The...
book 2002