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Boersma, A. (author), Grigoriadi, K. (author), Nooijens, M.G.A. (author), Henke, S. (author), Kooter, I.M. (author), Parker, L.A. (author), Dortmans, A. (author), Urbanus, J.H. (author)
The presence of microplastics in environmental compartments is generally recognized as a (potential) health risk. Many papers have been published on the abundance of microplastics at various locations around the globe, but only limited knowledge is available on possible mitigation routes. One of the mitigation routes is based on the choice of...
article 2023
Urbanus, J.H. (author), Brunner, A. (author), Boersma, A. (author), Henke, S. (author), Kooter, I. (author), Lensen, S. (author), Parler, L. (author), Schwarz, A. (author), Imhof, P. (author), Dortmans, A. (author), Wijngaard, M. (author)
Microplastics are man-made (anthropogenic), persistent, ubiquitous, and potentially harmful. According to the precautionary principle, we must minimise exposure to them.
report 2022
Shahmohammadi, M.S. (author), Parker, L.A. (author), Henke, S. (author), Urbanus, J.H. (author)
Microplastics are a growing environmental and toxicological concern, having been found in the remotest locations of the earth and within multiple organs of the human body. However, the scale of the problem is not yet fully known as the smallest micro- and nanoplastics (MNPs) cannot accurately be measured due to limitations in measurement and...
article 2022