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Heaney, K.D. (author), Ainslie, M.A. (author), Halvorsen, M.B. (author), Seger, K.D. (author), Müller, R.A.J. (author), Nijhof, M.J.J. (author), Lippert, T. (author)
As countries explore renewable energy opportunities, offshore wind farms are being developed along coastlines. To construct these wind farms, piles are driven into the seafloor as foundational structures for the turbines. Pile driving involves risk of noise pollution that can affect marine fauna. To mitigate these risks, risk assessments and...
book 2020
Slabbekoorn, H. (author), Dalen, J. (author), de Haan, D. (author), Winter, H.V. (author), Radford, C. (author), Ainslie, M.A. (author), Heaney, K.D. (author), van Kooten, T. (author), Thomas, L. (author), Harwood, J. (author)
article 2019
Heaney, K.D. (author), Prior, M. (author), Campbell, R.L. (author)
The ocean is nearly transparent to low frequency sound permitting the observation of distant events such as earthquakes or explosions at fully basin scales. For very low frequency the ocean acts as a shallow-water waveguide and lateral variability in bathymetry can lead to out-of-plane effects. In this paper, data from the International...
article 2017