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Harms, M.P.M. (author), Wesseling, K.H. (author), Pott, F. (author), Jenstrup, M. (author), van Goudoever, J. (author), Secher, N.H. (author), van Lieshout, J.J. (author), TNO Biomedical Instrumentation (author)
The relationship between aortic flow and pressure is described by a three-element model of the arterial input impedance, including continuous correction for variations in the diameter and the compliance of the aorta (Modelflow). We computed the aortic flow from arterial pressure by this model, and evaluated whether, under orthostatic stress,...
article 1999
de Jong-de Vos Van Steenwijk, C.C.E. (author), Wieling, W. (author), Harms, M.P.M. (author), Wesseling, K.H. (author), TNO Biomedical Instrumentation (author)
1. Fainting is a common phenomenon in young subjects, but the final events before the actual faint are not well known. The aim of the present study was to study the inter-individual variability of haemodynamic events associated with near-fainting in children and teenagers. 2. Sixty-eight healthy subjects (aged 6-16 years) performed a 70┬░tilt-up...
article 1997