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Silla, A. (author), Leden, L. (author), Rämä, P. (author), Scholliers, J. (author), van Noort, M. (author), Morris, A. (author), Hancox, G. (author), Bell, D. (author)
Introduction: The current safety situation for Powered Two Wheelers (PTW) within the EU is alarming. According to EU statistics, PTW riders account for 17% of all fatal road injuries in the region and twice as many fatalities per hundred thousand registered vehicles compared with occupants of cars. In recent years, too little attention has been...
article 2018
Silla, A. (author), Rämä, P. (author), Leden, L. (author), van Noort, M. (author), de Kruijff, J. (author), Bell, D. (author), Morris, A. (author), Hancox, G. (author), Scholliers, J. (author)
This paper presents the results of a safety impact assessment, providing quantitative estimates of the safety impacts of ten intelligent transport systems (ITS) which were designed to improve safety, mobility and comfort of vulnerable road users (VRUs). The evaluation method originally developed to assess safety impacts of ITS for cars was now...
article 2017
Scholliers, J. (author), van Noort, M. (author), Johansson, C. (author), Mans, D. (author), Silla, A. (author), Bell, D. (author), Hancox, G. (author), Leden, L. (author), Giannelos, I. (author), Bax, B. (author), Malone, K. (author)
The EU-sponsored VRUITS project has prioritized ITS applications which have a potential to improve the safety, mobility and comfort of vulnerable road users (VRUs) and performed a quantitative safety, mobility and comfort assessment for the 10 most promising systems. The assessment methodology addresses not only the direct effects of the systems...
article 2016