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Hancock, P.A. (author), Lawson, B. (author), Cholewiak, R. (author), Elliott, L.R. (author), van Erp, J.B.F. (author), Mortimer, B.J.P. (author), Rupert, A. (author), Redden, E.S. (author)
Tactile displays promise to improve the information-processing capacity of operators, especially when used in conjunction with visual and auditory displays. In this article, we describe current applications and future directions in tactile cuing. © 2015 by Human Factors and Ergonomics Society. All rights reserved.
article 2015
Hancock, P.A. (author), Mercado, J.E. (author), Merlo, J. (author), van Erp, J.B.F. (author)
The present experiment tested 60 individuals on a multiple screen, visual target detection task. Using a within-participant design, individuals received no-cue augmentation, an augmenting tactile cue alone, an augmenting auditory cue alone or both of the latter augmentations in combination. Results showed significant and substantive improvements...
article 2013
Hancock, P.A. (author), de Ridder, S.N. (author)
Road traffic accidents are the single greatest cause of fatality in the workplace and the primary cause of all accidental death in the U.S. to the age of seventy-eight. However, behavioral analysis of response in the final seconds and milliseconds before collision has been a most difficult proposition since the quantitative recording of such...
article 2003