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Brunsvold, A. (author), Jakobsen, J.P. (author), Mazzetti, M.J. (author), Skaugen, G. (author), Hammer, M. (author), Eickhoff, C. (author), Neele, F. (author)
The IMPACTS project investigated how impurities affect the design and operation of CO2 transport and storage processes. Experimental work and modelling have advanced the state of the art in the areas of how impurities in CO2 affect thermo-physical properties, fluid flow, corrosion, and reservoir chemical reactivity. High-quality experimental...
article 2016
Eickhoff, C. (author), Neele, F.P. (author), Hammer, M. (author), DiBiagio, M. (author), Hofstee, C. (author), Koenen, M. (author), Fischer, S. (author), Isaenko, A. (author), Brown, A. (author), Kovacs, T. (author)
The IMPACTS project has a stated broad objective to develop the knowledge base of CO2 quality required for establishing norms and regulations to ensure safe and reliable design, construction and operation of CO2 pipelines and injection equipment, and safe long-term geological storage of CO2. More specifically for this paper, the project sets out...
article 2014