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Berthoz, A. (author), Bles, W. (author), Bülthoff, H.H. (author), Correia Grácio, B.J. (author), Feenstra, P. (author), Filliard, N. (author), Hühne, R. (author), Kemeny, A. (author), Mayrhofer, M. (author), Mulder, M. (author), Nusseck, H.G. (author), Pretto, P. (author), Reymond, G. (author), Schlüsselberger, R. (author), Schwandtner, J. (author), Teufel, H. (author), Vailleau, B. (author), van Paassen, M.M.R. (author), Vidal, M. (author), Wentink, M. (author)
Advanced driving simulators aim at rendering the motion of a vehicle with maximum fidelity, which requires increased mechanical travel, size, and cost of the system. Motion cueing algorithms reduce the motion envelope by taking advantage of limitations in human motion perception, and the most commonly employed method is just to scale down the...
article 2013
Groen, E.L. (author), Wentink, M. (author), Trujillo, M. (author), Huhne, R. (author), TNO Defensie en Veiligheid (author)
Unsuccessful recovery from unusual flight attitudes, or “airplane upset”, is considered an important factor in civil aviation accidents. It is generally recognized that there is a clear need for enhanced training of recovery procedures from unusual flight attitudes, i.e. situations where an aircraft unintentionally exceeds the parameters of the...
conference paper 2008