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Calvi, L. (author), van Geijn, R. (author), Leufkens, L. (author), Habets, R. (author), Gurunatha, K.L. (author), Stout, K. (author), Mann, D. (author), Papakonstantinou, I. (author), Parkin, I.P. (author), Elen, K. (author), Hardy, A. (author), van Bael, M.K. (author), Buskens, P. (author)
The thermodynamics and kinetics of the structural phase transition from monoclinic VO2 (M) to rutile VO2 (R) and vice versa were studied for particulate materials obtained by bead milling of VO2 (M) powder. Using wet bead milling, we decreased the particle size of VO2 (M) powder from ∼1 μm to 129 nm. With progressive milling, the switching...
article 2022