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Choulga, M. (author), Janssens-Maenhout, G. (author), Super, I. (author), Solazzo, E. (author), Agusti-Panareda, A. (author), Balsamo, G. (author), Bousserez, N. (author), Crippa, M. (author), van der Gon, H.D. (author), Engelen, R. (author), Guizzardi, D. (author), Kuenen, J. (author), McNorton, J. (author), Oreggioni, G. (author), Visschedijk, A. (author)
The growth in anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions acts as a major climate change driver, which has widespread implications across society, influencing the scientific, political, and public sectors. For an increased understanding of the CO2 emission sources, patterns, and trends, a link between the emission inventories and observed CO2...
article 2021
Denier van der Gon, H.A.C. (author), Kuenen, J.J.P. (author), Boleti, E. (author), Maenhout, G. (author), Crippa, M. (author), Guizzardi, D. (author), Marshall, J. (author), Haussaire, J.M. (author)
This document reports on progress and current status within WP2 regarding the “Emissions and natural fluxes Dataset” developed and needed in CHE WP2. The scope of WP2 “Coordinating efforts on library of simulations for emissions and atmospheric transport” is to generate a library of realistic CO2 simulations for present-day and future emission...
report 2019
Janssens-Maenhout, G. (author), Crippa, M. (author), Guizzardi, D. (author), Dentener, F. (author), Muntean, M. (author), Pouliot, G. (author), Keating, T. (author), Zhang, Q. (author), Kurokawa, J. (author), Wankmüller, R. (author), Denier van der Gon, H. (author), Kuenen, J.J.P. (author), Klimont, Z. (author), Frost, G. (author), Darras, S. (author), Koffi, B. (author), Li, M. (author)
The mandate of the Task Force Hemispheric Transport of Air Pollution (TF HTAP) under the Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution (CLRTAP) is to improve the scientific understanding of the intercontinental air pollution transport, to quantify impacts on human health, vegetation and climate, to identify emission mitigation options...
article 2015