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Bleeker, A. (author), Galloway, J.N. (author), Grizzetti, B. (author), Erisman, J.W. (author), Dise, N.B. (author), Sutton, M.A. (author), Leach, A.M. (author), d. Vries, W. (author)
Nitrogen (N) is a key nutrient, vital for the survival of humans and all other living organisms. While di-nitrogen gas (N2) is abundant in the atmosphere, most organisms are unable to use this chemically unreactive form. First it must be converted or fixed߿ݠinto a reactive form such as ammonia (NH3) or nitrogen oxide (NOx). These and other forms...
article 2015
Bleeker, A. (author), de Vries, W. (author), Bekunda, M. (author), Reis, S. (author), Sutton, M.A. (author), Howard, C.M. (author), Grizzetti, B. (author), Erisman, J.W. (author), van Grinsven, H.J.M. (author), Abrol, Y.P. (author), Adhya, T.K. (author), Billen, G. (author), Davidson, E.A. (author), Datta, A. (author), Diaz, R. (author), Liu, X.J. (author), Oenema, O. (author), Palm, C. (author), Raghuram, N. (author), Scholz, R.W. (author), Sims, T. (author), Westhoek, H. (author), Zhang, F.S. (author)
Executive Summary Key Points Nutrient Benefits and Threats * The sustainability of our world depends fundamentally on nutrients. In order to feed 7 billion people, humans have more than doubled global land-based cycling of nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P). * The world’s N and P cycles are now out of balance, causing major environmental, health...
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