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Rosén, S. (author), Wejkum, L. (author), Billing-Claeson, S. (author), Ghosh, R. (author), Grdic, K. (author), Chmielewska, J. (author), Meijer, P. (author), Kluft, C. (author), Tengborn, L. (author), Conkie, J. (author), Walker, I. (author), Gaubius Instituut TNO (author)
A chromogenic bioimmunoassay method for determination of t-PA activities has been evaluated on plasmas from healthy individuals and from thromboembolic patients. The assay consists of an initial binding and washing step, whereby plasma t-PA is bound to a specific monoclonal t-PA antibody, which is coated on to microplate wells, followed by a...
article 1998