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Moehle, C.M. (author), Ke, C.T. (author), Wang, Q. (author), Thomas, C. (author), Xiao, D. (author), Karwal, S. (author), Lodari, M. (author), van de Kerkhof, V. (author), Termaat, R. (author), Gardner, G.C. (author), Scappucci, G. (author), Manfra, M.J. (author), Goswami, S. (author)
Topological superconductivity can be engineered in semiconductors with strong spin-orbit interaction coupled to a superconductor. Experimental advances in this field have often been triggered by the development of new hybrid material systems. Among these, two-dimensional electron gases (2DEGs) are of particular interest due to their inherent...
article 2021
Kulesh, I. (author), Ke, C.T. (author), Thomas, C. (author), Karwal, S. (author), Moehle, C.M. (author), Metti, S. (author), Kallaher, R. (author), Gardner, G.C. (author), Manfra, M.J. (author), Goswami, S. (author)
Indium-antimonide (InSb) two-dimensional electron gases (2DEGs) have a unique combination of material properties: high electron mobility, a strong spin-orbit interaction, a large Landé g factor, and a small effective mass. This makes them an attractive platform to explore a variety of mesoscopic phenomena ranging from spintronics to topological...
article 2020
Zhang, H. (author), Gül, Ö. (author), Conesa-Boj, S. (author), Nowak, M.P. (author), Wimmer, M. (author), Zuo, K. (author), Mourik, V. (author), de Vries, F.K. (author), van Veen, J. (author), de Moor, M.W.A. (author), Bommer, J.D.S. (author), van Woerkom, D.J. (author), Car, D. (author), Plissard, S.R. (author), Bakkers, E.P.A.M. (author), Quintero Pérez, M. (author), Cassidy, M.C. (author), Koelling, S. (author), Goswami, S. (author), Watanabe, K. (author), Taniguchi, T. (author), Kouwenhoven, L.P. (author)
Semiconductor nanowires have opened new research avenues in quantum transport owing to their confined geometry and electrostatic tunability. They have offered an exceptional testbed for superconductivity, leading to the realization of hybrid systems combining the macroscopic quantum properties of superconductors with the possibility to control...
article 2017