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Perez‑Corral, I. (author), Gomez‑Delgado, F. (author), Ruissen, M.M. (author), Torres‑Peña1, J.D. (author), Larriva Arenas-de, A.P. (author), Sont, J.K. (author), de Graaf, A.A. (author), Uitbeijerse, B.S. (author), de Koning, E.J.P. (author), Delgado-Lista, J. (author)
This study assesses the association between sleep duration and plasma lipid profiles in people with diabetes mellitus (DM). Sleep duration data were obtained in 91 patients from the POWER2DM study (NCT03588104). The patients were divided in tertiles, based on their sleep duration, and blood samples were obtained at the beginning and after 9...
article 2022
Leon-Acuña, A. (author), Alcala-Diaz, J.F. (author), Delgado-Lista, J. (author), Torres-Peña, J.D. (author), Lopez-Moreno, J. (author), Camargo, A. (author), Garcia-Rios, A. (author), Marin, C. (author), Gomez-Delgado, F. (author), Caballero, J. (author), van Ommen, B. (author), Malagon, M.M. (author), Perez-Martinez, P. (author), Lopez-Miranda, J. (author)
Background/aims: Previous evidences have shown the presence of a prolonged and exaggerated postprandial response in type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) and its relation with an increase of cardiovascular risk. However, the response in prediabetes population has not been established. The objective was to analyze the degree of postprandial lipemia...
article 2016