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Rosati, B. (author), Gysel, M. (author), Rubach, F. (author), Mentel, T.F. (author), Goger, B. (author), Poulain, L. (author), Schlag, P. (author), Miettinen, P. (author), Pajunoja, A. (author), Virtanen, A. (author), Baltink, H.K. (author), Henzing, J.S. (author), Größ, J. (author), Gobbi, G.P. (author), Wiedensohler, A. (author), Kiendler-Scharr, A. (author), Decesari, S. (author), Facchini, M.C. (author), Weingartner, E. (author), Baltensperger, U. (author)
Vertical profiles of the aerosol particles hygroscopic properties, their mixing state as well as chemical composition were measured above northern Italy and the Netherlands. An aerosol mass spectrometer (AMS; for chemical composition) and a white-light humidified optical particle spectrometer (WHOPS; for hygroscopic growth) were deployed on a...
article 2016
Curci, G. (author), Ferrero, L. (author), Tuccella, P. (author), Barnaba, F. (author), Angelini, F. (author), Bolzacchini, E. (author), Carbone, C. (author), Denier Van Der Gon, H.A.C. (author), Facchini, M.C. (author), Gobbi, G.P. (author), Kuenen, J.P.P. (author), Landi, T.C. (author), Perrino, C. (author), Perrone, M.G. (author), Sangiorgi, G. (author), Stocchi, P. (author)
Chemical and dynamical processes lead to the formation of aerosol layers in the upper planetary boundary layer (PBL) and above it. Through vertical mixing and entrainment into the PBL these layers may contribute to the ground-level particulate matter (PM); however, to date a quantitative assessment of such a contribution has not been carried out...
article 2015