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Lotens, W.A. (author), Allender, L. (author), Belyavin, A. (author), Cain, B. (author), Castor, M. (author), Gluck, K. (author), Armstrong, J. (author)
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Human Factors and Medicine Panel has approved the formation of a study group, HFM-128, on human behavior representation (HBR) in constructive simulation. The differentiating focus of this working group is the translation of scientific HBR concepts into a combined "how-to" and "when-to" guide for...
conference paper 2012
Lotens, W. (author), Allender, L. (author), Armstrong, J. (author), Belyavin, A. (author), Cain, B. (author), Gluck, K. (author), Castor, M. (author), Lundin, M. (author)
In an attempt to define a generic way to include human factors in a simulation of military operations HFM 128 suggested to break the causal chain between human factors as input and operational outcome into three components: a) human factors science based models to calculate state variables of the human, b) Performance Shaping Functions (PSF) to...
conference paper 2010
Lotens, W. (author), Allender, L. (author), Castor, M. (author), Belyavin, A. (author), Gluck, K. (author), Cain, B. (author), Armstrong, J. (author), TNO Defensie en Veiligheid (author)
As the penultimate effort of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Human Factors and Medicine Panel (HFM) study group, HFM-128, a Specialists Meeting was held in May 2007. This poster presents the summary recommendations of the more than 30 experts and practitioners in human behavior representation (HBR) who assembled to discuss seven...
conference paper 2008