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Ntziachristos, L. (author), Vonk, W.A. (author), Papadopoulos, G. (author), van Mensch, P. (author), Geivanidis, S. (author), Mellios, G. (author), Papadimitriou, G. (author), Steven, H. (author), Elstgeest, M. (author), Ligterink, N.E. (author), Kontses, A. (author), Heinz, S. (author)
report 2017
van Goethem, S. (author), Vermeulen, R.J. (author), Obdeijn, C. (author), Dam, M.C.A. (author), Geivanidis, S. (author), Samaras, Z. (author), Tsokolis, D. (author), Fragkiadoulakis, P. (author)
This report deals with the development of requirements for fuel consumption meters as a measure for the reduction of CO2 emissions of light-duty vehicles. The work is done for the European Commission, DG Enterprise and Industry for specific contract SI2.629009, “Development of a complete test procedure for fuel consumption meters in light-duty...
report 2013
Joumard, R. (author), Laurikko, J. (author), Han, T.L. (author), Geivanidis, S. (author), Samaras, Z. (author), Merétei, T. (author), Devaux, P. (author), André, J.-M. (author), Cornelis, E. (author), Lacour, S. (author), Prati, M.V. (author), Vermeulen, R. (author), Zallinger, M. (author)
The influence of 20 parameters on the measurement of light-vehicle emission factors on chassis dynamometer based on driving patterns, vehicle-related parameters, vehicle sampling, and laboratory-related parameters, was studied. The results were based on literature synthesis, ≈ 2700 specific tests with 183 vehicles, and the reprocessing of > 900...
article 2009