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Steenhoff, H. (author), Toftum, J. (author), Kingma, B. (author), Daanen, H. (author), Gao, C. (author), Kuklane, K. (author), Garland, S. (author), Alkan Olsson, J. (author), Egli, S. (author), Folkerts, M. (author), Zuurbier, M. (author), Petersson, J. (author), Nybo, L. (author)
conference paper 2019
Folkerts, M. (author), Kingma, B.R.M. (author), Toftum, J. (author), Steenhoff, H. (author), Garland, S. (author), Gao, C. (author), Daanen, H. (author)
Introduction The climate is changing and more and more extreme weather events, like heat waves, already occurred and are expected to occur in the near future. The impact of these events is visible in loss of performance and production hours and increased morbidity and mortality rates. Individualized and timely advice on appropriate actions in...
conference paper 2018