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Nijland, T.G. (author), Bernardi, A. (author), Favaro, M. (author), Garcia, O. (author), Detalle, V. (author), Wittstadt, K. (author), Romero Sanchez, M.D. (author), Pockelé, L. (author), Kunday, B. (author), Verhey, B. (author), Brinkmann, U. (author), de Micheli, G. (author), Labouré, M. (author), Möller, B. (author), Olteanu, I.D. (author)
The problem of deterioration of historical building materials, namely stone, wood and glass has become more and more urgent. Climate changes have increased the impact of natural decay whilst socio-economic requirements claim a more sustainable use of existing built heritage. The EU project NANOMATCH addresses this problem through the development...
article 2012