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van der Horst, E. (author), Peironcely, J.E. (author), van Westen, G.J.P. (author), van den Hoven, O.O. (author), Galloway, W.R.J.D. (author), Spring, D.R. (author), Wegner, J.K. (author), van Vlijmen, H.W.T. (author), Ijzerman, A.P. (author), Overington, J.P. (author), Bender, A. (author)
Chemogenomic approaches, which link ligand chemistry to bioactivity against targets (and, by extension, to phenotypes) are becoming more and more important due to the increasing number of bioactivity data available both in proprietary databases as well as in the public domain. In this article we review chemogenomics approaches applied in four...
article 2011