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Andrianou, X.D. (author), Pronk, A. (author), Galea, K.S. (author), Stierum, R. (author), Loh, M. (author), Riccardo, F. (author), Pezzotti, P. (author), Makris, K.C. (author)
The COVID-19 pandemic placed public health measures against infectious diseases at the core of global health challenges, especially in cities where more than half of the global population lives. SARS-CoV-2 is an exposure agent recently added to the network of exposures that comprise the human exposome, i.e. the totality of all environmental...
article 2021
Scholten, B. (author), Laura Kenny, L. (author), Duca, R.C. (author), Pronk, A. (author), Santonen, T. (author), Galea, K.S. (author), Loh, M. (author), Huumonen, K. (author), Sleeuwenhoek, A. (author), Creta, M. (author), Godderis, L. (author), Jones, K. (author)
Diisocyanates are a group of chemicals that are widely used in occupational settings. They are known to induce various health effects, including skin- and respiratory tract sensitization resulting in allergic dermatitis and asthma. Exposure to diisocyanates has been studied in the past decades by using different types of biomonitoring markers...
article 2020