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Jacobs, S.A.H. (author), Gart, E. (author), Vreeken, D. (author), Franx, B.A.A. (author), Wekking, L. (author), Verweij, V.G.M. (author), Worms, N. (author), Schoemaker, M.H. (author), Gross, G. (author), Morrison, M.C. (author), Kleemann, R. (author), Arnoldussen, I.A.C. (author), Kiliaan, A.J. (author)
Background: Sex-specific differences play a role in metabolism, fat storage in adipose tissue, and brain structure. At juvenile age, brain function is susceptible to the effects of obesity; little is known about sex-specific differences in juvenile obesity. Therefore, this study examined sex-specific differences in adipose tissue and liver of...
article 2019
Pelgrim, C.E. (author), Franx, B.A.A. (author), Snabel, J. (author), Kleemann, R. (author), Arnoldussen, I.A.C. (author), Kiliaan, A.J. (author)
Adipose tissue (AT) has a modulating role in obesity-induced metabolic complications like type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) via the production of so-called adipokines such as leptin, adiponectin, and resistin. The adipokines are believed to influence other tissues and to affect insulin resistance, liver function, and to increase the risk of T2DM....
article 2017