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Firooznia, A. (author), Ploeg, J. (author), van de Wouw, N. (author), Zwart, H. (author)
Small inter-vehicle distances can increase traffic throughput on highways. Human drivers are not able to drive safely under such conditions. To this aim, cooperative adaptive cruise control (CACC) systems have been developed, which require vehicles to communicate with each other through a wireless communication network. By communicating control...
article 2017
Zwart, H. (author), Firooznia, A. (author), Ploeg, J. (author), van de Wouw, N. (author)
This paper considers the optimal control problem for a class of infinite-dimensional systems, namely spatially invariant systems. A common assumption in the scope of such optimal control problem is the exponential stabilizability of the infinite-dimensional plant. We propose sufficient conditions for the optimizability of spatially invariant...
conference paper 2013