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López-Contreras, A.M. (author), Dijkstra, J.W. (author), de Vrije, T. (author), Dussan, K. (author), Luzzi, S. (author), van den Burg, B. (author), Budde, M. (author), van Seijst, D. (author), van Medevoort, J. (author), Pazhavelikkakath Purushothaman, R.K. (author), van Haveren, J. (author), Morales-González, O.M. (author), Ferrari, F. (author), Rep, M. (author), Hakeem, A. (author), van Haute, M. (author), Claassen, P.A.M. (author)
The aim of the project “More Fuels from Organic Residues” (MOTOR) is to produce advanced biofuels for the transport sectors where electrification or gaseous biofuels will not generate the reduction of their carbon footprint in the short term. In MOTOR, wet lignocellulosic waste streams that do not compete with the food/feed market are used as a...
conference paper 2022
Navarro-Ortega, A. (author), Acuña, V. (author), Bellin, A. (author), Burek, P. (author), Cassiani, G. (author), Choukr-Allah, R. (author), Dolédec, S. (author), Elosegi, A. (author), Ferrari, F. (author), Ginebreda, A. (author), Grathwohl, P. (author), Jones, C. (author), Rault, P.K. (author), Kok, K. (author), Koundouri, P. (author), Ludwig, R.P. (author), Merz, R. (author), Milacic, R. (author), Muñoz, I. (author), Nikulin, G. (author), Paniconi, C. (author), Paunović, M. (author), Petrovic, M. (author), Sabater, L. (author), Sabaterb, S. (author), Skoulikidis, N.T. (author), Slob, A. (author), Teutsch, G. (author), Voulvoulis, N. (author), Barceló, D. (author)
Water scarcity is a serious environmental problem in many European regions, and will likely increase in the near future as a consequence of increased abstraction and climate change. Water scarcity exacerbates the effects of multiple stressors, and thus results in decreased water quality. It impacts river ecosystems, threatens the services they...
article 2015