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Duistermaat, M. (author), Schmitz, N.T.A. (author), Jacobs, L.R.M.A. (author), Faye, J.P. (author), Bertucat, E. (author), Krupenia, S, (author), Clot, V. (author), Dymowski, W. (author), Zak, M. (author), Kacala, T. (author), Museux, N. (author), Raynal, P. (author)
In the European Defence Agency’s Joint Investment Programme on Force Protection, the SIMS consortium is working on the delivery of a Proof of Concept on innovative battlefield information dissemination to enhance mission planning, execution, assessment, and training. Primarily asymmetric threats and possible countermeasures for force protection...
conference paper 2011
Rouget, C. (author), Taylor, D. (author), Watkins II, J.T. (author), Allmon, C.D. (author), Benli, E. (author), Faye, J.P. (author), Kuipers, E.J. (author), Kvernsveen, K. (author), Pritchard, P. (author), Wood, C. (author), Henniart, J.B. (author), Huiskamp, W. (author), Jordan Jr., W.E. (author), TNO Defensie en Veiligheid (author)
report 2007