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Bolbocean, C. (author), van der Pal, S. (author), van Buuren, S. (author), Anderson, P.J. (author), Bartmann, P. (author), Baumann, N. (author), Cheong, J.L.Y. (author), Darlow, B.A. (author), Doyle, L.W. (author), Evensen, K.A.I. (author), Horwood, J. (author), Indredavik, M.S. (author), Johnson, S. (author), Marlow, N. (author), Mendonça, M. (author), Ni, Y. (author), Wolke, D. (author), Woodward, L. (author), Verrips, E. (author), Petrou, S. (author)
Background and Objective. Assessment of health-related quality of life for individuals born very preterm and/or low birthweight (VP/VLBW) offers valuable complementary information alongside biomedical assessments. However, the impact of VP/VLBW status on health-related quality of life in adulthood is inconclusive. The objective of this study was...
article 2023
Marques, S.C.S. (author), Doetsch, J.N. (author), Teixeira, R. (author), Abate, G. (author), Brødsgaard, A. (author), Brubakk, A.M. (author), Colombo, G. (author), Cuttini, M. (author), Evensen, K.A.I. (author), Hennissen, V. (author), Indredavik, M.S. (author), Kajantie, E. (author), Lebeer, J. (author), van der Pal, S. (author), Pedersen, P. (author), Sarrechia, I. (author), Virtanen, E. (author), Barros, H. (author), RECAP Preterm-WP6 QS Work Group, (author)
Objective To understand participation and attrition phenomena variability in European cohorts of individuals born preterm through in-depth exploration of the interplay of situational elements involved. Study Design and Setting Multi-situated qualitative design, using focus groups, semi-structured interviews and collaborative visual methodology...
article 2022
Hovi, P. (author), Vohr, B. (author), Ment, L.R. (author), Doyle, L.W. (author), McGarvey, L. (author), Morrison, K.M. (author), Evensen, K.A.I. (author), van der Pal, S. (author), Grunau, R.E. (author), Brubakk, A.M. (author), Andersson, S. (author), Saigal, S. (author), Kajantie, E. (author)
Adults born preterm at very low birth weight (VLBW; <1500 g) have higher blood pressure than those born at term. It is not known whether all VLBW adults are at risk or whether higher blood pressure could be attributed to some of the specific conditions underlying or accompanying preterm birth. To identify possible risk or protective factors, we...
article 2016