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den Boer, J.W. (author), Euser, S.M. (author), Nagelkerke, N.J. (author), Schuren, F. (author), Jarraud, S. (author), Etienne, J. (author)
Background: Legionella is a water and soil bacterium that can infect humans, causing a pneumonia known as Legionnaires' disease. The pneumonia is almost exclusively caused by the species L. pneumophila, of which serogroup 1 is responsible for 90% of patients. Within serogroup 1, large differences in prevalence in clinical isolates have been...
article 2013
Euser, S.M. (author), Nagelkerke, N.J. (author), Schuren, F. (author), Jansen, R. (author), den Boer, J.W. (author)
Background: Legionella, the causative agent for Legionnaires' disease, is ubiquitous in both natural and man-made aquatic environments. The distribution of Legionella genotypes within clinical strains is significantly different from that found in environmental strains. Developing novel genotypic methods that offer the ability to distinguish...
article 2012