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Mircea, M. (author), Bessagnet, B. (author), Vivanco, M.G. (author), Cuvelier, C. (author), Pirovano, G. (author), Tsyro, S. (author), Aksoyoglu, S. (author), Manders, A. (author), Pay, M.T. (author), Stern, R. (author), Aas, W. (author), Prévôt, A.S.H. (author), Aulinger, A. (author), Baldasano, J.M. (author), Bieser, J. (author), Briganti, G. (author), Calori, G. (author), Cappelletti, A. (author), Carnevale, C. (author), Ciarelli, G. (author), Colette, A. (author), Couvidat, F. (author), D’Isidoro, M. (author), Dupont, J.C. (author), Fagerli, H. (author), Finardi, S. (author), Gonzalez, L. (author), Kranenburg, R. (author), Meleux, F. (author), Menut, L. (author), Roberts, P. (author), Rouïl, L. (author), Silibello, C. (author), Theobald, M.R. (author), Thunis, P. (author), Ung, A. (author), White, L. (author)
The EURODELTA III (ED-III) exercise aimed to perform a comprehensive chemistry transport model inter-comparison study exploiting the data from four intensive measurement campaigns carried out by EMEP. The campaigns were held in different seasons (1–30 June 2006; 8 January–4 February 2007; 17 September–15 October 2008; 25 February–26 March 2009)...
conference paper 2017
Petetin, H. (author), Beekmann, M. (author), Colomb, A. (author), Denier van der Gon, H.A.C. (author), Dupont, J.C. (author), Honoré, C. (author), Michoud, V. (author), Morille, Y. (author), Perrussel, O. (author), Schwarzenboeck, A. (author), Sciare, J. (author), Wiedensohler, A. (author), Zhang, Q.J. (author)
High uncertainties affect black carbon (BC) emissions, and, despite its important impact on air pollution and climate, very few BC emissions evaluations are found in the literature. This paper presents a novel approach, based on airborne measurements across the Paris, France, plume, developed in order to evaluate BC and NO<inf>x</inf> emissions...
article 2015