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Dukalski, M. (author), Rovetta, D. (author), van der Linde, S.G. (author), Möller, M. (author), Neumann, N. (author), Phillipson, F. (author)
Much of recent progress in geophysics can be attributed to the adaptation of heterogeneous high-performance computing architectures. It is projected that the next major leap in many areas of science, and hence hopefully in geophysics too, will be due to the emergence of quantum computers. Finding a right combination of hardware, algorithms, and...
article 2023
van der Linde, S.G. (author), Dukalski, M. (author), Möller, M. (author), Neumann, N.M.P. (author), Phillipson, F. (author), Rovetta, D. (author)
Quantum computing could be a potential game-changer in industry sectors relying on the efficient solutions of large-scale global optimization problems. Exploration geoscience, is full of optimization problems and hence is a good candidate for application of quantum computing. It was recently suggested that quantum annealing, a form of adiabatic...
conference paper 2022