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Rettore, P.H.L. (author), Djurica, M. (author), Lopes, R.R.F. (author), Mota, V.F.S. (author), Cramer, E. (author), Drijver, F. (author), Loevenich, J.F. (author)
Software-defined Tactical Networks (SDTNs) have the potential to host intelligent mechanisms to manage ever-changing communication scenarios in networks with heterogeneous radio links. However, standard SDN protocols, like Open-Flow, were designed for non-mobile, reliable, high throughput, and low latency networks. This fact motivated the...
conference paper 2022
Hauge, M. (author), Mjelde, T.M. (author), Holtzer, A. (author), Drijver, F. (author), in't Velt, R. (author), Hegland, A.M. (author), Orbekk, E. (author), Barz, C. (author), Kirchhoff, J. (author), Rogge, H. (author)
Combining several mobile networks in order to build a federated network at the tactical edge is a challenge because of the high degree of mobility and limited data capacity available in these networks. Providing the different partners in a coalition with direct connectivity at the tactical edge can be beneficial since it allows for better...
conference paper 2020