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Morgan, A.S. (author), Zeitlin, J. (author), Källén, K. (author), Draper, E.S. (author), Maršál, K. (author), Norman, M. (author), Serenius, F. (author), van Buuren, S. (author), Johnson, S. (author), Benhammou, V. (author), Pierrat, V. (author), Kaminski, M. (author), Foix L'Helias, L. (author), Ancel, P.Y. (author), Marlow, N. (author)
Aim: We investigated the timing of survival differences and effects on morbidity for foetuses alive at maternal admission to hospital delivered at 22 to 26 weeks’ gestational age (GA). Methods: Data from the EXPRESS (Sweden, 2004–07), EPICure-2 (England, 2006) and EPIPAGE-2 (France, 2011) cohorts were harmonised. Survival, stratified by GA, was...
article 2022
Marques, S.C.S. (author), Doetsch, J. (author), Brødsgaard, A. (author), Cuttini, M. (author), Draper, E.S. (author), Kajantie, E. (author), Lebeer, J. (author), van der Pal, S. (author), Pedersen, P. (author), Barros, H. (author)
Background: Cohort studies represent a strong methodology for increasing understanding of human life-course development and aetiological mechanisms. Retention of participants, especially during long follow-up periods, is, however, a major challenge. A better understanding of motives for participation and for participants’ reluctance to continue...
article 2020