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Nijkerk, M.D. (author), van Venrooy, B. (author), van Doorn, P.J. (author), Henselmans, R. (author), Draaisma, F. (author), Hoogstrate, A.M. (author)
In this paper, we discuss the two-mirror pushbroom telescope for TROPOMI. Using freeform optics, it has unprecedented resolution. The complete cycle of freeform optical design, analysis, manufacturing, metrology and functional test on a breadboard setup is described, focusing on the specific complexities concerning freeforms. The TROPOMI flight...
conference paper 2012
TNO Industrie en Techniek (author), Vosteen, L.L.A. (author), Draaisma, F. (author), Werkhoven, W.P. (author), Riel, L.J.M. (author), Mol, M.H. (author), Den, O.G. (author)
TNO developed a Wave Front Sensor (WFS) instrument for the GAIA mission. This Wave Front Sensor will be used to monitor the wave front errors of the two main telescopes mounted on the GAIA satellite, which may be corrected by a 5- degree of freedom (DOF) mechanism during operation. The GAIA-WFS will operate over a broad wavelength (450 to 900 nm...
conference paper 2009