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Bongers, W.A. (author), Kasparek, W. (author), Doelman, N.J. (author), van den Braber, R. (author), van den Brand, H. (author), Meo, F. (author), de Baar, M.R. (author), Amerongen, F.J. (author), Donné, A.J.H. (author), Elzendoorn, B.S.Q. (author), Erckmann, V. (author), Goede, A.P.H. (author), Giannone, L. (author), Grünwald, G. (author), Hollman, F. (author), Kaas, G. (author), Krijger, B. (author), Michel, G. (author), Lubyako, L. (author), Monaco, F. (author), Noke, F. (author), Petelin, M. (author), Plaum, B. (author), Purps, F. (author), ten Pierik, J.G.W. (author), Schüller, C. (author), Slob, J.W. (author), Stober, J.K. (author), Schütz, H. (author), Wagner, D. (author), Westerhof, E. (author), Ronden, D.M.S. (author)
A CW capable inline electron cyclotron emission (ECE) separation system for feedback control, featuring oversized corrugated waveguides, is commissioned on ASDEX upgrade (AUG). The system is based on a combination of a polarization independent, non-resonant, Mach-Zehnder diplexer equipped with dielectric plate beam splitters [2, 3] employed as...
conference paper 2012
Naylor, G.A. (author), Scannell, R. (author), Beurskens, M. (author), Walsh, M.J. (author), Pastor, I. (author), Donné, A.J.H. (author), Snijders, B. (author), Biel, W. (author), Meszaros, B. (author), Giudicotti, L. (author), Pasqualotto, R. (author), Marot, L. (author)
The central electron temperature and density of the ITER plasma may be determined by Thomson scattering. A LIDAR topology is proposed in order to minimize the port access required of the ITER vacuum vessel. By using a LIDAR technique, a profile of the electron temperature and density can be determined with a resolution of about 7 cm in the...
article 2012
Jaspers, R.J.E. (author), von Hellermann, M.G. (author), Delabie, E. (author), Boom, J.E. (author), Donné, A.J.H. (author), Biel, W. (author), Hawkes, N.C. (author), Neubauer, O. (author), Di Maio, M. (author), Sadakov, S. (author), Klinkhamer, J.F.F. (author), Snijders, B. (author), Hogenbirk, A. (author), TNO Industrie en Techniek (author)
Charge eXchange Recombination Spectroscopy (CXRS) will play a crucial role in the diagnosing of burning plasmas: items like helium ash, transport barriers, impurity content or fuel ratio can all be assessed with CXRS. In fact this is the only direct method to obtain information about the light impurity ions, such as temperature, concentrations...
conference paper 2008