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Wang, R. (author), Damanik, F. (author), Kuhnt, T. (author), Jaminon, A. (author), Hafeez, S. (author), Liu, H. (author), Ippel, H. (author), Dijkstra, P.J. (author), Bouvy, N. (author), Schurgers, L. (author), ten Cate, A.T. (author), Dias, A. (author), Moroni, L. (author), Baker, M.B. (author)
Digital light processing (DLP) is an accurate and fast additive manufacturing technique to produce a variety of products, from patient-customized biomedical implants to consumer goods. However, DLP's use in tissue engineering has been hampered due to a lack of biodegradable resin development. Herein, a library of biodegradable poly(esters)...
article 2023
Kuhnt, T. (author), marroquín García, R. (author), Camarero-Espinosa, S. (author), Dias, A. (author), ten Cate, A.T. (author), van Blitterswijk, C.A. (author), Moroni, L. (author), Baker, M.B. (author)
To exploit the usability of Digital Light Processing (DLP) in regenerative medicine, biodegradable, mechanically customizable and well-defined polyester urethane acrylate resins were synthesized based on poly(caprolactone-co-trimethlenecarbonate). By controlling the monomer ratio, the resultant fabricated constructs showed tunable mechanical...
article 2019
Schulp, N. (author), Jacobs, C.O.R. (author), Duyzer, J.A.N. (author), van Beek, C. (author), Bosveld, F. (author), Dias, A. (author), Jans, W. (author), Schrieruijl, A. (author), Vermaat, J.A.N. (author), TNO Bouw en Ondergrond (author)
Greenhouse gas emissions are highly variable in space and time. This variability hampers measurements of greenhouse gas emissions and hinders the use of land use and management as mitigation options. We give an overview of explaining factors of temporal and spatial variability of greenhouse gas emissions from Dutch landscapes. CO<sub>2</sub>...
article 2010