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Dirkson, A. (author), den Hollander, D. (author), Verberne, S. (author), Desar, I. (author), Husson, O. (author), van der Graaf, W.T.A. (author), Oosten, A. (author), Reyners, A.K.L. (author), Steeghs, N. (author), van Loon, W. (author), van Oortmerssen, G. (author), Gelderblom, H. (author), Kraaij, W. (author)
Background: Increasingly, social media is being recognized as a potential resource for patient-generated health data, for example, for pharmacovigilance. Although the representativeness of the web-based patient population is often noted as a concern, studies in this field are limited. Objective: This study aimed to investigate the sample bias of...
article 2022