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Bigot, F. (author), Derbanne, Q. (author), Sireta, F.X. (author), Malenica, S. (author), Tuitman, J.T. (author)
It is nowadays well recognized that the hydroelastic ship response might be an important part of the overall ship structural response. We usually talk about two phenomena: namely springing and whipping, even if sometimes it is not trivial to distinguish between the two of them. Usually, springing is defined as a continuous resonant wave-induced...
conference paper 2011
Derbanne, Q. (author), Malenica, Š. (author), Tuitman, J.T. (author), Bigot, F. (author), Chen, X.B. (author), TNO Bouw en Ondergrond (author)
Hydroelastic response of the ship can represent an important part of the overall structural response. This is true both for the extreme ship structural response as well as for the fatigue loads of some structural details. Several full scale monitoring campaigns on the container ships clearly show an important high frequency contribution coming...
conference paper 2010