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Tous, L. (author), Govaert, J. (author), Harrison, S. (author), Carrière, C. (author), Barth, V. (author), Giglia, V. (author), Buchholz, F. (author), Chen, N. (author), Halm, A. (author), Faes, A. (author), Nogay, G. (author), Quest, H. (author), Roessler, T. (author), Fellmeth, T. (author), Reinwand, D. (author), Stolzenburg, H. (author), Schindler, F. (author), Mittag, M. (author), Morlier, A. (author), Bokalic, M. (author), Brecl, K. (author), Kikelj, M. (author), Topic, M. (author), Kester, J.C.P. (author), Wendlandt, S. (author), Galiazzo, M. (author), Voltan, A. (author), Galbiati, G. (author), Ortiga, M.E. (author), Torregrosa, F. (author), Grimm, M. (author), Denafas, J. (author), Radavicius, T. (author), Lukinskas, P. (author), Savisalo, T. (author), Regrettier, T. (author), Gordon, I. (author)
The EU crystalline silicon (c-Si) PV manufacturing industry has faced strong foreign competition in the last decade. To strive in this competitive environment and differentiate itself from the competition, the EU c-Si PV manufacturing industry needs to (1) focus on highly performing c-Si PV technologies, (2) include sustainability by design, and...
article 2023
Ulbikas, J. (author), Ulbikaite, V. (author), Denafas, J. (author), Witteck, R. (author), Kontges, M. (author), Topic, M. (author), Frontini, F. (author), Bonomo, P. (author), MacE, P. (author), Bolt, P.J. (author), Ulyashin, A. (author), Haarberg, T. (author), Palitzsch, W. (author), Terheiden, B. (author), Weiss, I. (author), Fuentes, A. (author)
PV deployment growth is an unmatched success story in the energy sector over recent years. However, European PV manufacturers are facing a decline in production due to competition from third countries. The fragmentation of the value chain is believed to be one of the major factor for this decrease in the competitiveness. SUPER PV is a...
conference paper 2019