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Demir, S. (author), Mincev, K. (author), Kok, K. (author), Paterakis, N.G. (author)
Day-ahead electricity market (DAM) volatility and price forecast errors have grown in recent years. Changing market conditions, epitomised by increasing renewable energy production and rising intraday market trading, have spurred this growth. If forecast accuracies of DAM prices are to improve, new features capable of capturing the effects of...
article 2020
Demir, S. (author), Kok, J.K. (author), Paterakis, N.G. (author)
European single intra-day coupled electricity market (SIDC) trading activity has increased substantially in recent years mainly as a consequence of the increasing penetration of renewable energy production and its subsequent impact on imbalance market prices. Nonetheless, more research is needed to understand this growing market. This paper...
conference paper 2020