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Malvar, O. (author), Gil-Santos, E. (author), Ruz, J.J. (author), Sentre-Arribas, E. (author), Sanz-Jimenez, A. (author), Kosaka, P.M. (author), Garcia-Lopez, S. (author), Paulo, A.S. (author), Sbarra, S. (author), Waquier, L. (author), Favero, I. (author), Van Der Heiden, M. (author), Altmann, R.K. (author), Papanastasiou, D. (author), Kounadis, D. (author), Panagiotopoulos, I. (author), Mingorance, J. (author), Rodriguez-Tejedor, M. (author), Delgado, R. (author), Calleja, M. (author), Tamayo, J. (author)
Nanomechanical mass spectrometry allows characterization of analytes with broad mass range, from small proteins to bacterial cells, and with unprecedented mass sensitivity. In this work, we show a novel multifrequency nanomechanical mass spectrometer prototype designed for focusing, guiding and soft-landing of nanoparticles and viral particles...
conference paper 2023
Younis, A. (author), Benders, R. (author), Delgado, R. (author), Lap, T. (author), Gonzalez-Salazar, M. (author), Cadena, A. (author), Faaij, A.P.C. (author)
The transition to a sustainable bio-based economy is perceived as a valid path towards low-carbon development for emerging economies that have rich biomass resources. In the case of Colombia, the role of biomass has been tackled through qualitative roadmaps and regional climate policy assessments. However, neither of these approaches has...
article 2021