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Kimber, I. (author), Agius, R. (author), Basketter, D.A. (author), Corsini, E. (author), Cullinan, P. (author), Dearman, R.J. (author), Gimenez-Arnau, E. (author), Greenwell, L. (author), Hartung, T. (author), Kuper, F. (author), Maestrelli, P. (author), Roggen, E. (author), Rovida, C. (author), Casati, S. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
article 2007
Kimber, I. (author), Dearman, R.J. (author), Penninks, A.H. (author), Knipples, L.M.J. (author), Buchanan, R.B. (author), Hammerberg, B. (author), Jackson, H.A. (author), Helm, R.M. (author)
Because of the public concern surrounding the issue of the safety of genetically modified organisms, it is critical to have appropriate methodologies to aid investigators in identifying potential hazards associated with consumption of foods produced with these materials. A regent panel of experts convened by the Food and Agriculture Organization...
article 2003