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Morales-Napoles, O. (author), Delgado-Hernadez, D.J. (author), De-Leon-Escobedo, D. (author), Arteaga-Arcos, J.C. (author)
Dams’ safety is highly important for authorities around the world. The impacts of a dam failure can be enormous. Models for investigating dam safety are required for helping decision-makers to mitigate the possible adverse consequences of flooding. A model for earth dam safety must specify clearly possible contributing factors, failure modes and...
article 2013
Morales-Napoles, O. (author), Delgado-Hernandez, D.J. (author), De-Leon-Escobedo, D. (author), Artega-Arcos, J.C. (author)
Dams are civil engineering structures to hinder water flows. Criteria such as purpose, size and construction material are useful to categorise them. The latter is used to classify ‘earth dams’, which tend to have higher risk levels than other types. The failure of a dam leads to significant economic loss and usually to catastrophic impacts. In...
article 2012