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Radl, J. (author), Croese, J.W. (author), Zurcher, C. (author), van den Enden-Vieveen, M.H.M. (author), de Leeuw, A.M. (author), Instituut voor Experimentele Gerontologie TNO (author)
Animal models of spontaneous and induced plasmacytomas in some inbred strains of mice have proven to be useful tools for different studies on tumorigenesis and immunoregulation. Their wide applicability and the fact that after their intravenous transplantation, the recipient mice developed bone lesions, led in some instances to an incorrect use...
article 1988
Instituut voor Experimentele Gerontologie TNO (author), Croese, J.W. (author), Vas Nunes, C.M. (author), Radl, J. (author), Enden-Vieveen, M.H.M. (author), van den Brondijk, R.J. (author), Boersma, W.J.A. (author)
The transplantable C57BL/KaLwRij mouse 5T2 multiple myeloma (MM) is a new animal model for studies on MM in man. Histological examination of the 5T2 MM cells revealed their morphological heterogeneity. In this study we investigated whether this heterogeneity reflects subpopulations of 5T2 MM cells with different biological properties. 5T2 MM...
article 1987
Gezondheidsorganisatie TNO Instituut voor Verouderings- en Vaatziekten Onderzoek TNO (author), Croese, J.W (author)
doctoral thesis 1987